6 Fitness Experts on Twitter

To help you stay on the right course for achieving your goals, here are some of our top picks for nutrition and fitness accounts on Twitter.

Dina Lindquist, RD – @NutritiousFeast (even Barack Obama is following this account).
I’m a Registered Dietitian who provides quick, simple tips about general nutrition, healthy food products and nutritious recipes.
The best part of this account is that she provides links to interesting articles of the latest nutrition and food news from a wide variety of sources.

This account publishes daily tips & tricks to make the best from your fitness days. (gr8fitnessdays)

Gloria Tsang, RD – @HealthCastleGlo
Founding Editor of HealthCastle.com. Dietitian & book author @GoUnDiet. HuffPost Top 20 Nutrition Expert. Life changed when dad had cancer. #GoUnDietmoderator.
One of many Registered Dietitians you will find on this list, this account has a little bit of everything you need to know about food: a Nutrition Tidbits Daily, some healthy recipes, videos (such as how to de-seed a pomegranate), and articles like snacking smart at work.

Debi Silber – @themojocoach
Health/fitness/lifestyle/personal energy expert,spokesperson,speaker,author & THE secret behind some of the healthiest,most dynamic&successful people today.
Shh…This account is all about helping you find your mojo. From the holiday Mojo Series featuring videos such as “How to get through the holiday stress” to inspirational quotes and thought-provoking questions, this is the account to follow if you need some health and wellness motivation.

Mark Dilworth – @myfitnesshut
Fitness Writer and Trainer. Check out Top Fat Loss and Weight Loss Experts at Your Fitness University!
If you are looking for some new exercise and workout ideas, look no further. As a bonus, this account also provides information on general health and wellness.

Stephanie Quilao – @skinnyjeans
Healthiness Instigator, Runner, iPhone food photographer. Tweets healthy living, food, mobile health & apps, personal growth, social good. Loves Yoda!
Focusing on small, manageable goals such as remembering to stay hydrated or choosing a banana over a cookie for a snack, this account is a great reminder that all of your #tinyactions matter when trying to reach your health and fitness goals.


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