A Pilot Took These Photos From A Plane But What He Captured Is Not What It Seems

#1 Photographer & Pilot Alex MacLean

Photographer Alex MacLean is also a pilot, and his flights around the globe have come in handy in creating a portfolio of amazing photographs and pieces of artwork that everyday people just don’t get to see, unless, like Alex, they have a view from above.
This photo is not of flowers. Amazingly, it is a series of small boats all tied to circular floating docks in the harbor in Chicago, Illinois.



#2 Park It

You would never know it, but this photo is a racetrack parking lot that is totally packed with cars at a Nascar event in Richmond, Virginia


#3 Flamingos

He took his camera while on his plane in Italy and got to see this amazing site seldom seen in nature. A sea full of pink flamingos, all swimming in unison and fishing for food.


#4 Wave Pool

People look like ants from way up there, but it’s actually swimmers in an Orlando, Florida water park.


#5 Cargo Containers

A cargo depot in Virginia full of shipping containers looks more like a bunch of colorful squares painted by a monkey from 3,000 feet above.


#6 Wind Power

A view that not many people get to see when it comes to new energy. These are windmills on a new wind farm in California.


#7 Surfs Up

Hawaiian surfers catching a few waves on Sunset Beach. A beautiful photo in need of framing.


#8 Coal Trains

Coal trains all loaded up in Norfolk, Virginia look like a child’s toy race track from the view above.


#9 Logging Rafts

No, this is not an abstract painting by an up and coming artist, this is a bunch of logging rafts in Olympia, WA.


#10 Oregon Stripes

A beautiful set of textured stripes is actually a site from the air of a farm in Goodyear, Arizona. How beautiful!


#11 Loop de Loop

This crisscrossing, tangled mess is actually an interchange in New Mexico. Photographed by MacLean while flying overhead.


#12 Mystery Trail

This photograph may look like an alien landing site but it’s really a trail left by a snowplow in a field near Boise, Idaho.


#13 Wheat Fields

Flying low and capturing a site to behold. This gorgeous photo is a farm full of wheat fields that go on for miles and miles.


#14 Urban Development

These are the rooftops of homes recently built in a new housing development in Las Vegas, Nevada. Showing how much things are so alike, even our homes and streets.



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