Fantastic solar powered home can move anywhere with its owner


In only a few hours, this prefabricated, state-of-the-art home can be packed and moved anywhere. The concept is old, but bringing it to new technology is key.

It is made, mostly, from concrete and other strong materials with energy efficient properties. Because of it’s structural stability, it can be unpacked and constructed without a foundation.

Quadruple glazing and vacuum-insulated concrete walls keep the inside acclimate (warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s hot). The houses are even modular and can be connected to form much larger establishments.

The kitchen, bathroom, and loft bedroom are near the rear of the home, offering privacy, whereas the front of the building is a beautiful glass facade that allows large swaths of sunlight in. Solar panels on the roof create more power than the house uses.

Though it has water, sewage, and electricity hookups, it can also be detached and used off-grid for short periods of time.

According to Kodasema, the design firm responsible for creating the building, “KODA can become whatever you want: a city centre home, a lakeside summer house, a cosy café, an office, workshop or studio or even a classroom.”


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