How To Lose Fat In Just 1 Simple Step ! Lose Fat FAST

Losing fat is a fact that every bodybuilder wants,of course who doesnt?

Here are 4 simple steps how to lose fat fast:

The first step we are going to talk is talking fat burning drinks.

1.Green Tea

Green Tea is a great fat burner supplement.

How To Use: It can be taken in 2 ways, the first way to take it is by drinking it as a tea, the second way is taking a pill with green tea extract. Remeber, this is personal preference.Green Tea can be taken from 9:00 to 15:00 o’clock due its caffeine effects that u can have trouble sleeping if taken at night.So take it as early as you want not in empty stomach.

How Many Times A Day: For Teenagers 15-18 Years Old 1 Cup Of Green Tea A Day Its Okay.For Adults 3 Cups Of Green Tea A Day MAX.

Why Should You Take It? What’s The Benefits?

Well There’s Alot Of Benefits Of Green Tea

1. If U Drink 1 Cup Of Green Tea A Day U Have 60% Lower Chance To Get Prostate-Cancer. And For Females If U drink 1 Cup Of Green Tea A Day You Have 40% Lower Chance To Get Breast Cancer.

2.Reduce Heart For Heart Disease

3.Lower Cholesterol Levels, Increase Good Cholesterol (HDL)

4.Natural Antidioxidant



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