Strength Training Principles Every Bodybuilder Must Know

Less Is More

Okay, here’s one of the most neglected truths in bodybuilding: less is more. Adopting this kind of attitude towards your training will set you on the right path towards success. You might think that this principle contradicts the previous one we mentioned, but that’s not the case.

“Less is more” in bodybuilding means that you don’t have train until you’re near-unconscious to make great gains, performing 20 different exercises for one body part won’t give you better results than opting for a wise selection of 5 and focusing on doing them with the proper form, weight and rep range, training twice every day won’t make you grow faster but it will set you back instead and…. you get the drill.

Exercise quantity and extreme training frequency are not the keys to success in bodybuilding, nor is the habit of going mindlessly through as many motions as possible. Instead, focus on discovering what works best for your body, master the proper form and technique of every exercise and make sure you get plenty of rest and adequate nutrition between training sessions.



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