The Top 5 Assistance Moves For A Bigger Bench

#1. Lockouts

Casey found that lockouts build tremendous strength by primarily utilizing fast-twitch muscle fibers. After warming up properly, Casey would go for five heavy singles at two positions: 4’’ and 7’’ off his chest.

#2. Incline Dumbbell Press

The incline dumbbell press was Casey’s go-to exercise for hitting the chest muscles at a different angle than the usual one and developing the delts and the entire shoulder girdle.

#3. Weighted Dip

Weighted dips were another staple in Casey’s training. He used them to improve overall upper body strength and increase his bench press numbers.

#4. Lying Triceps Extension

Casey would go brutally heavy on pullover/triceps extensions to push his back, shoulders and triceps to maximize force production. Starting with the bar on the ground behind his head, he would pullover the weight and then do 5-6 sets of 3-5 reps of triceps extensions.

#5. Seated Press

Casey stated that the seated press is one of the crucial exercises that helped him build his mammoth bench press and he used a wide grip to press the bar overhead. In his opinion, very few other exercises come close to the seated press when it comes to building unprecedented shoulder strength.

Article Summary:

Other than these five exercises, Casey also used chins and rows to develop the physique that provided him his rather short yet stellar career as the best powerlifter on the planet. He trained hard, heavy and often and complemented his marathon lifting sessions with a huge caloric intake. While it’s true that the frequency of his training eventually caused injuries that would end his lifting career too early, we encourage you to try his approach whenever you face an ugly training plateau – or when you simply want to step up your game and make sure your muscles are exactly as strong as they look!


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