US investigators corroborate some aspects of the Christopher Steele dossier on Donald Trump and Russia

President Donald Trump promised new security measures as early as next week as he condemned a “disgraceful decision” by an appeal court to block his proposed travel ban.

The travel ban case is now expected to become a definitive battle in the US Supreme Court and Mr Trump said he would continue the legal fight, but would also introduce separate actions.

Speaking at the White House he said: “We’ll be doing something very rapidly having to do with additional security for our country. You’ll be seeing that some time next week.

“We are going to do whatever is necessary to keep our country safe. Safety is a primary reason I’m standing here today. The voters felt I would give the best security.”

There were reports last night that the administration was considering redrafting the executive order which imposed the travel ban.

Mr Trump said he had learned of threats “you could only learn of if you were in a certain position, namely president” and he would “not allow that to happen to our country”.

He added: “In addition we will continue to go through the court process and, ultimately, I have no doubt we’ll win that particular case.”

The travel ban case could go to the highest court within days and looked set to be decided before Mr Trump could secure the appointment of his conservative Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch to the bench, with Democrats set to delay that by filibustering in Congress.


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